Talon Crescent War I (2015) Arts & Sciences Information.

For any questions please contact, Baroness Elspeth of Stillwaters or Countess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie at Talon Crescent War I Arts & Sciences.

To volunteer to teach a class, please fill out and submit the form below. If you have any questions, please contact Baroness Elspeth of Stillwaters or Countess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie at Talon Crescent War I A&S Classes.

Artisans from the Known World are preparing to meet at Talon Crescent War to teach, to learn, to share knowledge. Come be part of it!

Classes will be scheduled from 10am to 5pm, Friday and Saturday.

The Kingdoms of Artemisia and Caid will host a variety of artistic endeavors:

  • The Artisan Village- display and demonstration areas to show off a particular art.
  • Full tracks of Classes- Scroll down to fill out a Class Proposal form.
  • Roundtable meetings of common interests. Come find your people!
  • Bardic Performance Stage- here is your chance to sing, tell stories or play music!
  • Friday Revel Dance- come dance with us!

At this time we are seeking Leaders for these activities. If you would like to run the Scribal Display Tent that will be part of the Artisan Village, send us an email! If you can lead a gathering of Brewers, of Lace-Makers or of Metalworking Armor-makers, send us a note! We want to hear from you!

These are just some of the Arts & Sciences that can be at Talon Crescent War! Let us know what you want to teach! Let us know what you want to learn!

  • Dance, Music, Spoken word storytelling, Singing
  • Spinning, fiber prep, dyeing, weaving, basketry
  • Embroidery, lacemaking, knitting, crocheting, nalbinding
  • Costume making, hats, accessories, fighter garb
  • Heraldry, Banners, Name and Device submission workshop
  • Leatherworking, shoe/boot making, gloves, armguards, quivers, scabbards, horse trappings
  • Woodworking, making arrows , fletching, furniture
  • Metalworking, Chain mail, forging, casting. Sword/knife forging, Jewelry making, scientific instruments
  • Ceramics, stone carving, enamel
  • Glasswork, lampwork beads, stained glass
  • Papermaking, scrolls, calligraphy, Illumination, painting, writing, research, bookbinding
  • Cooking, baking, brewing, herbal
  • Performance: vocal, instrumental, dramatic reading, dance, poetry
  • Making tools to do any of these crafts

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