Talon Crescent 2014

General Conduct of the Range
Only blunted target arrows will be permitted. Targets have been designed to meet these requirements. Two dozen 5/16” and Three dozen 11/32” blunts will be available for use. These blunts are designed to friction fit over existing target points.
Loaner bows, arrows, ground quivers, gloves and vambraces will be available. Two 15’ wide arrow nets will also be on the range. My thanks to the Barony of Loch Salann for providing this equipment.
The range will be open for most of the days throughout the Festival. A non-shooting Marshal-in-Charge (MiC) will be required to be on the range at all times that the range is open. Shooting Line Marshals are permitted and welcome to aid in managing the range. During open shoot times (when classes and the tournament are not being conducted) all are welcome to shoot, receive instruction and have a good time.


9am:                Making SCA Target Arrows. Cost $5 for one completed arrow – by Kazetani Kiyotora

10am:              Range Open for free shooting

11am:              Shooting a Period Longbow- special techniques in how to shoot this weapon – by Grand Bowmaster Ryryd

12:30pm:         Range Closes for tournament setup

1-2pm:             Lunch Break & Range Open for warm-ups
2pm:                "Kudos" Archery Tournament

                        ****After Tournament: Range closes****


9am:    Making Flemish Strings. Bring your bow if you have one. No cost – by Kazetani Kiyotora

10am:  Range Open for free shooting

11am: Group Shooting.  Specific methods on how to improve your shot group – by Lady Aingael

1pm:    Range Open for free shooting

2pm: Archery Form Workshop – by Paganus Grimlove (tentative)

 4:00 PM: Range closes and tear-down.


Talon & Crescent Kudo Archery Tournament

The tournament will be conducted on Saturday afternoon, starting at (approximately) 2:00 PM. There will be three rounds in the tournament: Static, Timed and Champion. The Static and Timed rounds will use the same Ends. All entrants will shoot all Ends of the Static and Timed rounds. The Champion round will be for the top four or eight shooters (depending on the total number of entrants) from the Static and Timed rounds. The Champion round will be a seeded (the top shooter will shoot against the bottom shooter; second top against second bottom; and so on…). The Champion round is single elimination. The winner of the Champion round will win the Kudo.

In the Static and Timed rounds, archers will be broken down into groups (Sticks) of four or six archers, preferably with a marshal in each Stick. At each End, half the archers of the Stick will shoot while the other half scores hits. Then shooters and scorers will reverse and shoot. All arrows will be recovered after all archers have shot. There will be no arrow recovery between shooting half-Sticks, to ensure flow of the tournament.

Pacing out the range to each End and practice shooting against the Ends is not permitted.

All Static Ends will be six arrows. All Timed Ends will be as many arrows as can be shot in 30 seconds.

Static and Timed Ends.

Archers Quintain: A rotating quintain at medium range. Archers must choose which side to shoot at. A minimum of one archer on each side is required. Hit: 5 points. Hit opposite side: -2 points. A negative score overall will be marked as zero.

Forest for the Trees: Six vertical noodles at close to medium range. In the Static End, no noodle may be counted more than once. In the Timed End, no noodle may be counted more than once until all noodles are hit. Hit: 5 points. Bonus for hitting all six: 5 points.

Bottle Shoot: Six hanging bottles of variable size and variable ranges. In the Static End, no bottle may be counted more than once. In the Timed End, no bottle may be counted more than once until all bottles are hit. Hit: 5 points. Bonus for hitting all six: 5 points.

Dice of Diablo: Assorted cubes of variable size at close range. A minimum of two archers must shoot at the same time. Scoring is variable, based on the size cube hit. A single cube may be hit multiple times for score.

Points or Bragging Rights: Three rings of different sizes at long range. Some part of the arrow must pass through the ring to count. Large ring: 2 points. Medium ring: 4 points. Small ring: 6 points. A ring may be shot at multiple times for score.

Note: We may add additional Ends, depending upon our imagination and how evil we are!

Happy Shooting!

Baron Ryryd ap Gwerstan
Grand Bowmaster



Talon Crescent 2013

Classes, Demonstrations and Competitions.  Specific times other than the arrow making class forthcoming.


Arrow Making: Kazetani Kiyotora (Sara Luebke)  2pm  $5/person, up to 12 people, plus any with their own supplies, and you get to leave with your own made arrow.  I'll have a little blue popup somewhere with a table and equipment. Beginner, youth 12+ welcome

Shaft straightening: 1-3pm Saturday.  Cristof Castellani.  Archers will need to bring their crooked arrows.

Flemish bowstrings for crossbow, target or combat bows: Thomas Blackkeep.  There will be a 'floating schedule' with a signup sheet and schedule based on a 2 hour class to suit the students schedule. 2 people per class.


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