Talon Crescent 2014

10am: Range opens
1-2pm: Range closed for lunch
2-4pm: Range open
2pm: Cecelia - Bolo demo

Range open from 10am - 4pm


Talon Crescent 2013

Classes, Demonstrations, and Competitions

Saturday & Sunday

10-12:                  Open practice: leather axes, padded spear, and clubs.

10am - Noon         Molkey & Kubb:  Finnish version of a throwing game that is reminiscent of kyykkä, a centuries-old throwing game with Karelian roots.  Can be played by adults and children 
                                                     of any age group.

12-2pm                 Throwing competition with kitchen utensiles:  Youth

2-4pm                  Throwing competition with kitchen utensiles:  Adult

4:30-5pm              Leather axe building demo: Sir Landolff of Artemisia.  (***NOTE: Saturday only)




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