Talon Crescent Festival 2014



Introduction to Caid's Unarmored Combat Program, And Revised (Version 2.0) Combat Manual
What is "unarmored combat"? What sort of equipment is required, and what do you need to know to participate? This class will introduce the historical background of unarmored combat, and bring attendees "up to speed" on how to get started in unarmored combat in Caid - or how to help establish unarmored combat programs in areas where the activity does not (yet) exist. The class will also cover new rules introduced in the 2.0 version of the Unarmored Combat Handbook.

Taught by the Caid Unarmored Deputy Earl Marshal, and staff

Essential Longsword Techniques of Joachim Meyer
An examination of the divisions, postures, and cuts in the Zufechten ("onset") when fighting with the longsword in the German tradition.

Taught by Don Aaron Carter

Introduction to Single Sword
Learn the basics of fighting with single sword in unarmored combat, including German messer and George Silver's basket hilted sword.  A basic introduction to this NEW "third style" of fighting in unarmored combat.

Taught by Duke Guillaume and Baron Guyrand


Friendship/Kudos Unarmored Tournament List, and Open Sparring

Disarming the Safe (and Legal) Way:
Optional rules within the Unarmored Combat handbook allow for some exciting and surprising fighting techniques, including disarming as well as blade grasping and fighting with the "half sword." These techniques, however, must be employed with both skill and caution in order to be done safely. This class will present some historically accurate methods to "relieve your opponent of the burden of their sword" that are safe and legal within the rules of unarmored combat.

Taught by Duke Guillaume and Duchess Felinah

Tempo and Measure for Longsword - This class will offer an understanding of Time and Distance (Tempo and Measure) and how it applies to the use of the Longsword.  We will utilize concepts of Circle Theory and leverage in order to improve our judgement of how to move, while staying safe and ahead of our opponent's designs.  This is an intermediate level class and will rely on the students having a foundation in the basic mechanics of stance, movement and cutting.

Taught by Don Lot Ramirez

There will also be plenty of time both days for informal pick-ups, sparring, and one-on-one training.


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