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Friends Hitting Friends With Sticks!

Friends Hitting Friends With Sticks!

Just a Friendly Little Battle  

Talon Crescent Festival!

Talon Crescent Festival!

Greetings! Whispers of war are upon us and our cousins in Artemisia are keen to meet Caid on all...

Latest War News

Unarmored Combat - There will also be instruction in unarmored combat at Talon Crescent Festival as well as lots of sparring time, and (time, space, and interest permitting) a 'pleasure tournament' for the enjoyment of fighters and spectators alike.  Classes will include a general introduction to Caid's unarmored (HEMA-style) combat program; a class on disarming and other "advanced" unarmored fighting techniques; and instruction on fighting single-sword style. We hope anyone interested in unarmored fighting or historical fighting technique - including fencers and armored combat fighters! - will come and join us for a bit of fun in this (relatively) new and exciting style of martial activity.

Duke Guillaume de la Belgique

Armored Update!

Come join us as Artemisia and Caid join for a weekend of fun, fighting and learning in Starkhafn (Las Vegas).

The Festival will feature inter-kingdom war practices on Saturday and Sunday. The Iron Brigade will be sponsoring a two on two (one sword, one spear) tournament on Saturday. There will be tournament fighting classes with some of the best in the business. Instructors will include Duke Sean, Duke Tomuki, and Duke Timmur. More instructors and class schedule coming soon!

The Talon Crescent Speed Tournament will be held on Sunday.

See you there,
Duke Patrick O'Malley
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A & S Update!

1st year Anniversary Display: All great things must start somewhere. Artisans are invited to show off first attempts alongside current work. Be ready to share stories and answer questions!

Iron-Artisan Competition: Inter-kingdom pairs will be matched randomly to produce items embodying the theme "Honey for my Sweet" from materials supplied on-site.

Largesse Luncheon: I am providing a luncheon both days of the event for anyone who would be interested in bringing, working on, and sharing their largess projects (or helping with one already going), with the fruits of the labor to be presented at closing court.

Sampling of Class tracks: Hounds demo, 1400's Hairstyles, Period pigments - learning to mix colored earths to create paints for scrolls and other art projects and Medieval blues (Natural indigo dye demo), early SCA History, period recipes adapted for special diets and plans for beginning fiber arts, poetry composition and bardic/performing arts.

If you are interested in teaching a class, please email us with details, we would love to add you to the list!

THL Sophia la Roche & Mistress Bianca Raven
A&S Stewards
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